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Dubai Summer 2019 sets in with new arrivals just landed from Italy.

Linen wool for suits in pleasing colours woven in italy by the world’s renowned mills like Ermenegildo Zegna, are best for summer. The blend of Linen-Wool is an amazing combination that makes each fibre play it’s role : Highly breathable, since both components are natural wool and linen.

Linen is considered atleast 5 times stronger than cotton, the fibre extract from flax plant makes the garment look bold and beautiful. It’s feel on the skin when blended with fine wool embraces the charisma of silky towel.

Wool carries the character of flexible shape that naturally straightens, unless forced under heat and pressure. Linen wrinkles easily, so the wool plays its part to straighten the wrinkles of cool linen fibre.

The Discovery of wool blended with linen is a boon to nations located in tropical and deserts covering sub-Saharan belt. Linen and wool blend is a fashion statement In Top Notch elite class. It’s performance and looks simply standout and demonstrates elegance to core. Rich Shades of blue and earthen colours from mustard khaki and beige are most sought after for summer in the Middle East.

If you are a CEO in finance insurance or investments sector, One linenwool suit will just say it all. Indulge in creating a trend not just follow rules of the 20th century. The world has advanced to artificial intelligence taking on challenges to meet demands of smart technology in home and corporate world. Lapels bespoke dubai Whatsapp 0554130199

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