Custom-made Shirts Dubai

Custom-made Shirts Dubai

Looking for an atelier that stitches custom made shirts in Dubai?

Lapels Bespoke has got you covered!


We have specialised tailors solely dedicated to craft all types of shirts customised to your size and requirements. In-house, the atelier displays an eclectic mix of top tier fabrics such as Egyptian cotton, …. a major part of the collection dedicated for Dubai’s summer. That is not to say, we don’t have …. for , a perfect addition for your travel wardrobe.


Some of the skill-sets that we offer:

1. We create embroidery on shirts at request:

These include miniature custom embroidery, embroidery of initials or full names, and even large scale intricate embroidery in shirts at our workshop in Dubai.

2.For ultimate comfort, handmade shirts are a Savile Row art mastered by our tailors:

So if you want to experience Savile Row in Dubai, you know who to visit *whispers* it’s us. The stitched shirts are durable at the seams through a unique trademarked style of stitches associated with hand stitched shirts.




3. Semi-bespoke shirts are another made- to-measure option. Using machines, the shirts are stitched according to your custom requirements.


If you need bespoke formal shirts, dress shirts, mens shirts, women’s shirts in dubai, visit Lapels Bespoke on Jumeirah Road or DIFC Gate Avenue. Book an appointment online from anywhere in UAE, to order custom made shirts with Lapels Bespoke.

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