Woo your Valentine

Woo your Valentine


How to woo a woman’s heart and look classy while doing it?
It’s simple: Attentive and Dress up

In your relationship, you love each other for who you are, but for special occasions it doesn’t hurt to dress up and surprise your partner. Being attentive and all dapper’d up for your lover, never hurts and shows the effort you took to make them feel special. On the list of best outfits to wear: Suits will always a shoo-in / Suits will always get the perfect score!

Here are some of the suit looks you can go for:

  1. Match. Valentines Day is the colour of love. Match or complement with your date’s outfit  and create a  couple look. Here are some inspirations:


2. Classy. Simplicity is the key. A Black casual or formal suit will never go out of style.

3. Daring and festive: If you want to move out of your comfort zone or aren’t afraid to stand out, go with colours! A red or white suit synonymous with passionate or pure feelings will definitely create a memorable date.

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