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The Right Way.

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You read it right. While common knowledge, we often ignore or forget how to breathe. Now by that, we don’t mean you aren’t breathing! It just means that as an unconscious process, we tend to  respire incorrectly.  What do we mean by that? It might be an astonishing fact for some to know, that there is a right and wrong way in breathing. This blog will remind you how to breath.

“You just do it. Its instinctive knowledge.”

refresh- remind

In yoga, the first step into the introductory exercises, they retrain your breathing method- that is, belly breathing. Imagine a balloon. When air enters the elastic space as we blow into it, the balloon expands. When the air is let out, it contracts. In the same way, our belly is a balloon. When we inhale through the nose,  notice whether your stomach moves in or out. If your abdomen expands, you are drawing your breath correctly. Then push your stomach in when you exhale.

Your nose regulates the temperature of the air you take in and filters dust as opposed to breathing through the mouth. Cold or hot air may cause a sore throat or make you cough. Belly breathing allows you to take in lungful of air, a deeper breath than before. The increased quantity of air/ oxygen reaches throughout the body and more efficiently into the brain, helping alleviate stress and anxiety, while also making your body healthier. 3 deep breathes a day reduces pressure on the heart.

While we instinctively know this way of breathing, we slip and reverse the whole process.

Dont overthink this process. Take your time.


Live long and live wise.


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