Custom Made Blazers

High Quality Of Tailoring

None of the stores will sell such a high-quality blazer which you order from us. Tailoring engages highly qualified tailors who carefully select fabrics and all required accessories.

tailor made suits Dubai by Lapels Bespoke
blazer for rent in Dubai by Lapels Bespoke

Perfect fit guaranteed

Jacket is sewn individually for you, which means that its size is exactly the same as your measurements. Through careful measurements and sophisticated sewing technology, the jacket is guaranteed to fit your body perfectly.

Lifetime warranty

We use only the highest quality fabrics and reliable tailoring technology, which results to a long life of our clothes. Every detail of blazers is sewn by hand, of course, it is difficult, time consuming and expensive - but high quality and durable.

blazer for rent in Dubai by Lapels Bespoke
blazer for rent in Dubai by Lapels Bespoke

Impeccable style

Apart from master tailors we also have skilled stylists who can help you to choose the model of blazers which will show all of your strengths and hide weaknesses.

Custom Made Blazers

Appearance and over all look of self-respecting businessmen are very important. It is vital to pay a big attention to your wardrobe to look always solid, confident and neat. And blazer is considered as one of the most important things in any man’s wardrobe.

LAPELS BESPOKE is a professional tailor store where you can find the finest tailor made blazers and we can guarantee you that with our blazers your complete look will not be ignored.

Every man should have a modern, high-quality and perfectly fitted jacket, without any exception. Moreover, today there are so many models of jackets, which can be combined not only with the classic version of trousers, but also with jeans. Many of our clients ask us how much denim blazer stitching would cost them which only confirms the popularity of modern blazers, styles and designs of which have no boundaries.

But there is also a fairly large number of men who are used to buy clothes in stores, considering that the prices of custom made jackets and suits are very high and it is very long time consuming process.

We guarantee you that entrusting the job to LAPELS BESPOKE professionals you will receive your order as quickly as possible, with such factors as the “price” you will not have to worry, because wearing our jacket you become the owner of a unique state of art which you can’t ignore simply. In addition, our blazers have big advantages.

First of all, each of our product is stitched only to individual measures, so that you get a jacket that will fit perfectly on your body. Secondly, we offer only high quality European fabrics, analogues to which are not available in common stores. Third – we guarantee you that your unique designed blazer will be the only piece in the world.

Our highly skilled tailors, guided only by world’s best schools’ methods, and sew jackets so that you undoubtedly feel their weightlessness and amazing quality. A reason for this is LAPELS BEPOKE’s formula of “harmony and success”: only best fabrics + serious approach to the design of individual choice + measurement = exclusive, unique and perfect blazer.

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