Custom Made Suits

Our Experience

Lapels Bespoke has a deep root of tailoring since 1940's and today with the modern state of art technology and more experienced masters, stylists our team knows what to offer and how to craft unique styles for each client with a personal approach.

Well-coordinated work of staff

Each of our employees perform their jobs efficiently and effectively as possible: professional counselors will meet you in the heart of Dubai, cutters take measurements carefully and tailors sew a classic suit for you.

Life time warranty

Suits, sewed by us, will serve you for many years. Every year we have to modify our sewing technology and methods more and more to achieve excellent results. And of course, it is more difficult, more expensive and longer, but the quality our customers get is absolutely stunning. If you find any manufacturing defect or the product will disperse along the seam - we will fix it for free.


Only luxury fabrics from England and Italy

We use only high quality Italian and English premium fabrics. This makes us to sew suits which indicate luxury, sense of style and elegance. Wearing a suit sewed by us at least once, you will never be able to wear the shoddy goods that are sold in stores.

Custom Made Suits

Need a business suit or a suit for daily use?

Perfect! We will create it for you!

If you are a person who is used to set his/her own style and tone, rather than following modern fashion trends, then Lapels Bespoke will enthusiastically take up the implementation of your ideas.

We “Lapels Bespoke” mainly focused on tailoring men’s suits, and doing it very well. Based on other famous and leading tailors’ experience we create our exclusive classic men’s suits, refreshing them with the notes of modern trends, enriching them with unsurpassed natural fabrics and the unique design.

We always reserve the right for our clients to choose from thousands of choices of unique patterns, hundreds of lining materials and a huge number of additional detailing materials in our set. All above mentioned factors are provided for you to use tremendous opportunities of your own imagination ordering a suit with Lapels Bespoke.

And, yes, it should be noted out that our prices are affordable. If you are aware of English, French and Italian tailors’ pricing, the balance of “quality and price” we remain at a reasonable level.

The philosophy of individualism

If you agree with the philosophy of individualism “Lapels Bespoke“ then you will be very pleased to create your own custom men’s suit – weightless, perfectly sitting on a figure and involving people around you into the game where you create rules.

How we work?

Step No.

01. Meeting

You can call for an appointment, or request for our visit to your place.

Step No.

02. Visit our store

Our stylist will make a preliminary outline of your order. After that we will take measurements, and you make an advance payment of 50% of the cost.

Step No.

03. Trials

We invite you to try on in order to achieve the most comfortable fit. One fitting for shirts and trousers, two for suits, jackets and coats.

Step No.

04. Stitching your order

During agreed time we stitch your clothes.

Step No.

05. Your order is ready

You get your ready perfect fit outfit

Get a free appointment with our stylist

In your appointment, you will know about

  • Suit definition (which type of suit you need, wedding, casual, daily use, business, other events
  • Which fabric to go for
  • Which accessories you will need in your wardrobe
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