Tailoring Traditions

British Tailoring

The style of the British suit has certain features that make it easily identifiable by sight. The British suit has military influence as it's strong structure, thicker shoulder padding and defined shoulders accentuates the physique and projects authority.

The British suit looks best on slim men or can create the silhouette of slim man. British suit is always conservative and understated, and is known for work appropriate attire.

However, there are nuances in the British suit. The British drape cut invented in Savile Row and is recognised by the way the chest fabric folds and bunches slightly below the underarms, because of the full chest.
This is in some ways the antithesis of the typical slim-fitting British suit, but still has the strong waist suppression to cut an athletic figure.

However, the most defining feature is the overall attention to structure.

bespoke custom suit trousers in Dubai by Lapels Bespoke
bespoke custom suit trousers in Dubai by Lapels Bespoke

Italian Tailoring

Italian suits are tailored closely to the body, featuring high armholes and minimal shoulder padding. The Italian tailoring has - Napolitan style that is markedly different from the Milanese style.
Italian suit is now often equated with Naples.
Napolitan- the distinction begins at the shoulder–which, in contrast to the British style, is unpadded and natural. This also includes 'shirt shoulder'; lightly pleated where the sleeve joins the armhole. The sleevehead (top of the sleeve) is attached to the armhole a bit higher than the shoulder, creating a ridge or “roping” detail and the patch pockets, curved chest pocket. These differences reveal the greater flamboyance of the Italian style. However, the identifiable characteristics of Napolitan styles are evolving and merging with trends.
Neapolitan suits are now trendy in the workplace as the suits become slightly casual based on the casual office wear trend since 2020s.

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