Lapels Bespoke sets itself apart by presenting an exceptional collection of Scabal fabrics in Dubai.

Scabal fabrics are known for being one of the highest-quality men's fabrics, and are famous for being the most luxurious cloths in the world.
Each fabric is woven from the finest Super 120s wool with a dash of cashmere to give it a soft handfeel and an added touch of luxury

A few of their fabrics include Super 150’s quality suiting, weighing 280 grammes, which contains 2% cashmere, woven in Scabal’s own mill in West Yorkshire, England, and can be worn all year round. (Source: Scabal)

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Ermenegildo Zegna

Superfine wool by Zegna

The most prestigious wool is called “superfine”, which possesses an average fineness of less than 19.5 micron (or 19.5 thousandths of a millimetre) and amounts to a mere 15% of annual production.

Loro Piana Fabrics

The Italian clothing company, Loro Piana manufactures luxury fabrics in wool and cashmere.

The world's foremost cashmere processor, Loro Piana prides itself on sourcing the very finest, rarest raw materials the world has to offer, including unique cashmere from baby goats in northern China and Mongolia, vicuña from the Andes, extra-fine Merino wool from Australia and New Zealand and lotus flower fiber (Source: LVMH)

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Huddersfield is an internationally renowned British fabric manufacturer and cloth merchant supplying the world’s biggest design houses and most prestigious tailoring houses. Fabrics supplied: linen, yarns/wool, Super 120s contemporary and classics fabrics.

Vitale baraberis Canonico

Dobby (which is very similar to Jacquard, although technically different) can vary widely. Some versions are quite similar to broadcloth in terms of thickness and weight, while others can be thicker or woven to almost look like twill.

Many dobby fabrics have stripes woven into them, although some are solid colors. The solid colors tend to have a faint stripe or dotted patterns woven in the same color as the base cloth.

vitale barberis canonico by Lapels Bespoke


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