Wedding Suit for Men in Dubai 2024 Trends: A Guide For You To Look At Your Best!

Wedding Suit for Men in Dubai 2024 Trends: A Guide For You To Look At Your Best!

Planning for the ultimate wedding look entails fabric, tailoring, clothing, and beyond know-how. Lapels Bespoke brings you the ultimate sophistication with a touch of distinguished craftsmanship in every stitch. Bid adieu to the era of rigid formal wear and choose the excellence of impeccable crafting. Suits today exude unmatched harmony between class and contemporary modernism. Departing from the age of slim-fit, suiting now embraces a range of proportions, from classic to wide, offering timeless elegance and comfortable fits.

It’s the age of embracing unabashed individuality by tapping into your legacy. The age of unparalleled luxury and contemporary style has arrived, and the modern gentleman must explore these avenues. Explore the new age of refined elegance and choose anything from classic tuxedos to bold, immersive suits that reek of personality. Immerse yourself in vivid colours, bold patterns, or captivating textures.

The suiting trends of 2024 are focused on ensuring that suits are both accessible and enjoyable to wear. Think smoking jackets, tuxedos with peak or shawl lapels, and even silhouettes customized to size—the options are diverse! If this resonates with your style, our compilation of the top 2024 trends in wedding suits for men in Dubai is just what you need for inspiration!

The Trending Options in Suit Fabric

Navigating the landscape of choosing the right fabric is an art that favours the fortunate. Get started by choosing fabrics that lurk in your comfort zone. While pushing the envelope of your wedding look is great, it’s wise not to go overboard with experimenting during such a critical period.

Simple hacks that are underestimated include choosing a fabric that prioritizes breathability in movements and the right amount of warmth and temperature balance. Also, choose materials that don’t restrict you because, come on, who doesn’t like a little jive and shimmy on the dance floor? Prioritize personal comfort as you embark on this exciting journey. Be judicious about your budget without compromising on the luxurious tapestry of suit fabrics. Be aware of external factors such as time and location, and let them be like small guiding stars before making your final choice.

With the basics out of the way, it’s time to explore the nitty-gritty because, as we all know, when it comes to grand celebrations, the devil is in the details. Let’s delve into the curated world of trending fabrics and materials apt for wedding suits in Dubai.

Summer Fabrics

  • Chambray: A casual cotton fabric, chambray is perfect for summer weddings. Chambray’s light blue hue and soft, lightweight texture make it a cozy choice for warmer climates, especially in Dubai.
  • Linens: Linens have a penchant for wrinkles, but they do reign the world in exuding class and sophistication. In addition, they offer unrivaled comfort and aesthetic charm and are excellent for the ultimate beach wedding set-up. Note that it demands unparalleled tailoring finesse and expertise to express its sophistication in full galore.
  • Seersucker: Seersucker suits, which are distinguished by their puckered texture, are breathable, light, and stylish—perfect for summer weddings.

Transitional Weather Fabric

  • Blends: Let harmony thrive as you blend distinguished fabrics to create a magical outcome. For instance, using wool as the centerpiece, interwoven with silk, linen, or cotton, gives the product the level it deserves. Expect a visual delight, a tactile sensation all the way. Take, for instance, our wool and linen blend, a feather-light option perfect for transitional elegance.
  • Cashmere: Cashmere is an exquisite natural fibre that is incredibly soft and light, but its plush texture makes it delicate. While more expensive, cashmere suits ooze grandeur and are suitable for grooms who prefer soft elegance.
  • Tweed: Durable and textured, tweed suits are favoured for autumn weddings, offering a sophisticated, vintage-inspired look.
  • Polyester: Polyester suits, chosen for their affordability, are quick-drying and wrinkle-resistant. However, this fabric is less breathable and potentially warmer than other materials. Premium brands like Lapels Bespoke refrain from using synthetic materials for their luxury attire range as they prioritize ultimate comfort and quality. The designers prefer natural fabric for ultimate breathability and to render a royal look..

Winter Fabrics

  • Flannel: Best suited for winter weddings, flannel, a woolen fabric, offers warmth and a casual aesthetic with its thicker appearance.
  • Silk: Silk suits are pricey and express luxury; they are perfect for upscale events in the fall or winter. They also have a glossy sheen.
  • Velvet: The velvet suit, often referred to as the ‘smoking jacket‘, stands as one of the most regal garments in men’s evening wear. Whether you lean towards a traditional style reminiscent of the 18th century or opt for a more contemporary cut, these luxuriously soft ensembles are available in various colours.
  • Wool: Versatile and breathable wool suits, particularly those made from high-quality merino wool, are suitable for winter weddings, offering comfort and style. You can also go for worsted wool, which comes with a smooth finish and lightweight texture. This is ideal for high-end occasions, offering a luxurious feel and appearance.

Trending Colours in Wedding Suits for Men in Dubai

It’s time to transition towards an important factor: color! While the timeless classic black suit remains unrivaled in the suit for groom’s space, hues of color, too, are carving a niche for themselves. Factors that demand consideration before making suit colour choices include:

  • Wedding themes and dress codes
  • Venue for the Wedding
  • Wedding Color Scheme
  • Formality of Marriage

To provide insight into various colour options, here’s an explanation of some of the most popular colour choices for wedding suits for men in Dubai:


Wedding Suits for Men in Dubai – Black

Starting with the timeless classic, the black wedding suit. As a symbol of tradition and formality, black suits are often the quintessential choice for grooms. It exudes understated elegance and sophistication, making it universally popular and seamlessly complementing any venue, season, or wedding theme. The iconic black-and-white pairing creates a stunning visual unmatched by other colour combinations.


Wedding Suits for Men in Dubai – White

Made famous by the suave James Bond, donning a white dinner jacket allows you to make a bold statement while maintaining an impeccably dapper appearance. The popularity of the white dinner jacket surged in mainstream society during the late 1930s, becoming a favourite choice among affluent gentlemen for their destination weddings.

Originally favored for its suitability in warmer climates, the light color and breathable material of the white dinner jacket provided a more comfortable alternative to the traditional black tuxedo. The term ‘white dinner jacket’ encompasses various shades, including bright white, ivory, and eggshell white. This umbrella term simplifies the range of color options, from stark white to ivory, different champagne tones, blush hues, and soft white colors. Grooms can choose between white tuxedos or white dinner jackets, depending on the specific shade they prefer.

It’s important to note that bright white may not complement all skin types, especially those with fairer skin tones. In such cases, a knowledgeable clothier can guide you toward selecting a shade of white that enhances and complements your unique skin tone, ensuring you look your absolute best on your special day.


Wedding Suits for Men in Dubai – Blue

For those seeking a bolder statement, a blue wedding suit is an excellent choice. While black suits dominate black-tie events, blue suits bring versatility to both formal and semi-formal weddings. The spectrum of blue shades allows for varied aesthetics:

  • Navy: Timeless and regal, suitable for late summer and fall.
  • Robin Blue: Gentle and romantic, perfect for Spring and garden weddings.
  • Royal Blue: Bold and versatile, fitting for beach and winter weddings.
  • Pastel Blue: Conveys joy and suits morning ceremonies.


Wedding Suits for Men in Dubai – Grey

Grey, standing out as a splendid option in wedding suits for men in Dubai, brings forth neutrality and versatility in the realm of wedding suits. Grey wedding suits, with their modern and fresh appeal, continue to be a popular choice for guys seeking sophistication without sacrificing comfort. The wide spectrum of grey tones appeals to a variety of tastes, ensuring a custom fit for each groom’s style.

  • Charcoal Grey: Sophisticated and formal, ideal for formal and semi-formal weddings.
  • Iron Grey: Versatile and chic, suitable for both daytime and evening affairs.
  • Pale Grey: Romantic and serene, perfect for spring and summer weddings.
  • Cement Grey: Light, airy, and fresh, it is adaptable to any colour palette.

Patterned Wedding Suit With Different Colour Variations

Wedding Suits for Men in Dubai – Patterned Wedding Suit with Different Colour Variations

While generally considered less formal, patterned suits allow grooms to stand out and express their personal style. Options like plaid, checkered, or pinstriped suits offer stylish alternatives, perfect for summer and outdoor weddings.

For those open to experimentation, an array of colour variations awaits consideration. As a general guideline,

  • Darker and deeper colors are perceived as more formal and suitable for fall and winter-spring weddings.
  • Lighter colours work well for spring and summer, especially in daytime settings.
  • Consider experimenting with colours like pastel pink for a cheerful May afternoon or emerald for an October wedding.

Remember, your wedding suit is an expression of your style. Feel free to experiment, but make sure your choice aligns with the wedding theme and colour palette. Don’t forget to discuss with your partner to avoid clashes with the venue’s aesthetics. Ultimately, choose a colour that makes you feel confident and ready to say ‘I do’ in style!

Choose the Wedding Suit by Cut

When choosing your wedding suit, the cut plays a vital role in achieving the perfect look. There are three main types of cuts, each suitable for different body types, and it ultimately comes down to personal comfort. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right cut:

Classic Fit

The classic fit offers generous chest and waist room, allowing for easy movement without sacrificing your style game. Though not snug fit, classic fit suits maintain a well-balanced appearance along the body contours. Avoid a baggy aesthetic at all costs! It is imperative to opt for classic looks when you aim to choose a safe, elegant groom look.

Slim Fit

Slim-fit suits provide a more body-hugging silhouette with minimal extra fabric for a sleek appearance. Marked by narrowly fitted shoulders and a slim chest, slim-fit jackets and straight, slim trousers exude a European aesthetic. Despite being snug, slim-fit suits still offer enough flexibility for comfortable movement.

Modern Fit

Positioned between classic and slim fit, the modern fit suit provides a compromise with a slim look without extreme tightness. More forgiving than a slim fit, the modern-fit suit offers extra fabric for comfort while maintaining a contemporary appearance. Increasingly popular, the modern fit is a common choice for wedding suits in Dubai.

Designs for Men’s Wedding Suit

No matter the quality of a suit, improper tailoring can diminish its aura and fashion sense. Let’s explore the four main designs of wedding suits for men in Dubai:

Single-Breasted or Double-Breasted

  • Single-breasted: Popular for formal weddings, single-breasted suits with two or three buttons are versatile and timeless. They are suitable for various body types.
  • Double-breasted: Considered gentlemanly and elegant, many grooms favour double-breasted suits. While they may not suit everyone, they are particularly flattering on strong and tall individuals.

Lapel Styles

  • Flat Lapel Collar (Single Row, Two Buttons): Fundamental and classic, suitable for any occasion.
  • Pointed Lapel Collar (Single Row, Two Buttons):  Offers a sharper and more delicate appearance, adding a touch of fashion without being too extravagant. Ideal for grooms who seek subtle yet distinctive details.
  • Shawl Collars (Peak Lapels): Depending on the subject of the event, they offer a more formal or vintage appearance. Peak lapels offer class, and shawl collars are elegant.

Statement Accessories

Accessories are essential elements for completing the look of a groom’s suit, adding sophistication, personality, and style. By accessorizing, grooms can elevate their attire, creating a cohesive and polished ensemble for the special occasion.

Ties and Bowties

Classic accessories, ties, and bowties add sophistication to men’s wedding suits. Here are some trending styling tips:

  • Choose options that complement the suit colour and wedding theme.
  • Silk ties in solid colours or subtle patterns are ideal for a formal, traditional look, while bowties offer a unique and dapper appearance.
  • Experiment with different fabrics, textures, and styles to find the perfect match for the wedding suits.

Pocket Squares

Small yet impactful pocket squares bring a pop of colour and elegance to groomsmen’s suits, whether matching or complementary; pocket squares add personality and flair. Experiment with various folding styles, such as the classic presidential fold, puff, or elegant three-point fold, to achieve different looks.


Wedding Suits for Men in Dubai – Cufflinks

Cufflinks add refinement to men’s wedding suits. They are both functional and elegant. Choose cufflinks that compliment the overall look and lend a touch of sophistication to the clothing.


Socks, an often-overlooked object for men’s suits, can be both amusing and fashionable. Match sock colours to the overall plan, or choose modest patterns that reflect the groom’s personality, offering a playful touch to their outfit.


Wedding Suits for Men in Dubai – Shoes

The right pair of shoes enhances the overall appearance of groomsmen’s suits. Formal weddings call for classic oxfords or brogues, whereas loafers or dress boots offer a more contemporary and comfortable style. Make sure the shoe colour complements the suit and overall scheme, and choose a style that is appropriate for the formality of the event.

Renting vs. Buying a Wedding Suit

Now that you’ve gathered all the style pointers for your wedding suit, another important question arises: should you rent or buy/customize your wedding suit?

The answer to this question largely depends on individual needs and budget considerations. When it comes to wedding suits for men in Dubai, some people desire a level of personalization and uniqueness that can only be attained through custom wedding suits. As a groom, it’s essential to recognize that opting for a bespoke suit design ensures a jacket and trousers that are tailored to your form, providing an extra level of dapper elegance on your wedding day.

Investing in a custom-made suit not only guarantees a stylish appearance but also leaves you with a special memento of your significant other. Beyond the wedding, you have the option to keep your suit as a keepsake, pass it down through the family, or wear the pieces separately for other formal events. This choice not only enhances your wedding day experience but also provides a lasting and versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Custom-Made Wedding Suits for Men by Lapels Bespoke

Wedding Suits for Men in Dubai – Custom-Made Wedding Suits for Men by Lapels Bespoke

Custom wedding suits for men in Dubai by Lapels Bespoke offer superior craftsmanship, personalization, and fit compared to off-the-rack choices.

In our “Timeless Tailoring” studio, we specialize in crafting handmade suits with half-canvas construction. Each suit is meticulously created over 15 days, ensuring a timeless garment tailored to the specific preferences and specifications of our clients.

Our highly skilled craftsmen are proficient in various tailoring techniques, ensuring that each suit is impeccably designed. We offer a range of tailoring styles, including English, Italian, and Neapolitan techniques, allowing clients to choose the style that best suits their preferences.

Additionally, we proudly introduce a new tailoring type: true handmade suits. Crafted entirely by hand with a full canvas construction, these suits embody the epitome of craftsmanship. Creating a true handmade suit with a full canvas takes 30 days, promising an exquisite garment that reflects unparalleled dedication to detail and quality.

From excellent fit to premium fabrics, our custom-made suits ensure that the wedding party oozes confidence and sophistication, leaving a lasting impression on this special day. Choose our wedding suits for men to experience the epitome of tailoring artistry and sophistication.

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