Tailors that tailor your imagination

into your clothes.

A man in a suit shouldn’t indulge in imagination.

Well thats the outward perspective of onlookers. ‘A suit wearer is a stuffy man who lacks imagination and has rigid standards.’ But this stylist’s expert theory is that any working man should have an active imagination. Not an overactive one, mind you. You don’t want to go astray or paranoid and hurt yourself instead.

This mind’s eye is for your  own purpose. Where you control  and wield it for having a healthier mindset at work.

But how does imagination create a healthier mind?

Simply put, your  imagination is a happy place. This place can be a tangible memorable location, supportive person or comfort food, or even your happy suit! Experiment with your suits, shirts and accessories. Bright colours, patterns, daring pairing of your suit separates, secret wild linings on a seemingly lowkey work suit, created by this loyal tailoring boutique in Dubai can make wearing suits fun.

Nevertheless,  it isn’t always plausible to have that at hand, or show it off in your work environment when under extreme unforeseen stress (hence the hidden lining is key!). At this time, take this mandatory 5 minute unorthodox break, then have steaming beverage of your choice to shake those cobwebs.

As a child, it is always a comfort to dream, or even enter  fantasy through someone else’s fiction or non fictional works. Yet this doesn’t need to be confined to the ‘young’. Deep . Blocks and stress while physical also has a very horrible mental impact. Imagine while you close your eyes and picture that stressful situation as a block, that you cut down. By mentally facing  and fighting it, it automatically reduces anxiety. Happy memories relaxe the tightened muscles as your body braces for, what the brain categorises and signals as “painful” or alert. Your shoulders and back of the neck loosen and the problem doesn’t seem as much a daunting task as before. It converges into a doable one.

” A beautiful Venetian sunrise greets your eyes as wispy puffs of fog leave your mouth. A tickling awakening cold breeze that touches your face is lulled by the coffee cup that warms your hand.”

“You overtaking Steve Job’s name in the technical world”. See! It brings a smile on your face, right? Your mind freshens up and you tackle your task with  alacrity.

Now don’t go imagining worst case scenarios and giving the body a shock for something that hasn’t happened yet. That is not the point for this exercise, this tip is for a HEALTHIER mind. Let is relax.

Those sneaky headaches will sweep away.

Chat with us in the comments below and tell us what you do to bring back your positive mindset after a setback.

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