Siraj’s Trip to Lapels

Siraj’s Trip to Lapels

While on a hunt to satisfy his growing urge for custom-made, Siraj spotted a shop in a hidden corner of Satwa. He walked into Lapels Bespoke tailor boutique for a quick look, his interest piqued by the trending styles in blazers and waist coats on display.

He was greeted by Master Zameer Ahmad, a third generation expert cutter who mastered the art inherited from his ancestors that dressed the royal British army commanders settled in India post-Moghul era. After a session to understand his needs, Siraj settled on a blazer and waistcoat. He was then directed to the changing room where his measurements were taken.

They met twice more for a trial that left Siraj excited for his new apparel, as he slowly saw the clothes come to life.

The building anticipation blossomed into a satisfied smile that stands testimony as he donned his tailored Bordeaux denim blazer and jacquard satin waist coat.

At lapels bespoke, Each customer deserves the same attention and service. Be it a simple party or an outfit for race course event, you can count on this team’s experience to dress you up in stylish outfits

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