The Lining’s Lingering Life Story

The Lining’s Lingering Life Story

History behind Linings

Importance of linings in a Blazer

Very little is it known to a common man of 21st century as to why lining is needed in a jacket, coat, blazer or an overcoat.

Coats were a necessity for everyone living in all cold countries. Outfits that are meant To keep you warm needed to be multiple layered therefore felt, canvas and pads attached in layers on different areas such as shoulders and chest needed to be packed and covered with soft lining.

Lining fabric is usually smooth and silky to protect the skin from being brushed that can bruise and cause pain by the outer fabric which was usually wool.

Wool was coarse but best natural fabric to keep body warm. The inner most layer which is called lining plays pivotal role for garments made of leather and wool that are not too bearable by skin if worn without lining.

Best of the lining are of #cupro. Cupro is a regenerated cellulose fabric that is made from recycled cotton linter, the fluffy fiber around the plant’s seeds.

Since linter fibers are too small to be spun, they’re usually thrown away during cotton production. Cupro, on the other hand, is created by dissolving them into a viscous solution of copper oxide called cuprammonium, hence the name’s origin. Linter can then be spun into new fibers and woven into this smooth fabric. Given its cellulose origin and production process, it’s part of the same family of fabrics as Tencel, rayon, Modal and Lyocell. Since it’s also hypoallergenic, anti-static, stretch-resistant, incredibly durable

In Satwa, as one of the tailors in Dubai, Lapels Bespoke has many varieties of linings.  Yet keeping our eco-friendly motto in mind, we have linings made of Cupro, cotton- silk blend, pure cotton. These linings absorb and combat the Dubai heat and their soft cool surface keep the body comfortable while wearing blazers for long periods.


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