Guide to tuck in your Tummy and your Tailored Shirt too!

Guide to tuck in your Tummy and your Tailored Shirt too!

A Tailor’s Tips


The modern Shirt has been the most integral part of outfits ever since clothing was invented by mankind. Shirt evolved from a wrap to cloak to cape and so on and now comes the buttoned shirt well known to suffice cover up of the chest up to the navel.
Collars came in as a necessity to join two sides from the top resting garment on shoulders proved to be elegant and functional. Before we move on, let me guide you through easy tricks to tuck in the tummy.
A stomach forms shapes of different sizes based on several factors, a  few of which are – stress, irregular timing, food-hard to digest, over-eating and drinking in midst of meal. We all know the reasons and I reckon, everyone knows how to combat it too. But finding the easiest way out is still to encounter.
Here is a simple technique. Apply 5 Do’s  to your daily routine starting from the 1st day on the calendar of any month and check your results on the 1st day of the following month.
1.Keep a bottle of honey by your bedside. Start and end your day with 1.5 tea spoons of natural honey. Pure natural honey does not affect your medication for hypertension of diabetes.
2.Eat food that you love most but 2/3 glasses of water 30 min before your meal. To help you monitor time for water set alarm on your phone. There is even a drink your water app that rings every few hours, depending on your body’s needs.
3. Raw foods are your best friends! Its necessary to include raw food in your diet since they are the best form to get  . Vegetables like Lettuce contain the most water ratio
Drink 2 glasses of water 2 hours after meal.  So go ahead and do your fitness test on 1st of next calendar month and drop by our shirt for your newly fitted shirt !

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